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Wellesley House.  A great education starts here.


1. What are the fees?

Day Fees

Year 3 £3987
Year 4 £4932
Years 5 - 8 £6493

Boarding Fees


2. Do I have to board?

The vast majority do but day children flourish here and enjoy all the same privileges and facilities as boarders.

3. What schools do children go on to from Wellesley?

Ampleforth, Benenden, Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow, King's Canterbury, Lancing, Milton Abbey, Rugby, Stowe, Tonbridge, Cranbrook, Uppingham, Eastbourne, St Lawrence ... (see 'Destinations')

4. How long is the school day?

It varies: 8.20am - 5.15pm for Years 3-6 and 8.20am - 6pm for Years 7-8 with games or activities in the middle of each afternoon. Wednesdays and Saturdays are half days with games following lunch. (There is no Saturday school for Year 3.)

5. What sports are on offer?

Soccer, rugby cricket, golf, hockey, judo, netball, riding, rounders, squash, tennis, cross-country, athletics, swimming.

6. Are there any scholarships or bursaries?

Academic and sporting scholarships worth 50% of the fees are on offer annually (bursaries may be available up to 100% of the fees) to those who, without the benefit of an award, would not be able to attend the school. An Armed Forces Discount is automatically available for serving military families.  Sibling discounts are also available, please contact for further details.

7. What happens at the weekends?

Outings to the theatre; leisure centres, the beach, climbing centres, woods, Lazer Rush, paintballing, bowling, barbecues, clay pigeon shooting, 'Treejumpers', the cinema, pantomimes, Chatham Dockyard, Wingham Wildlife Park, Druidstone Park, Howletts, and camping weekends.

8. What are your results like?

Children go on to the school of their first choice, many with awards or scholarships.

9. What are the class sizes?

The average class size is 12.

10. What did your last Inspection report say?

Our latest ISI boarding and full inspection reports can be viewed on the ISI website.