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3D Modelling with JS

JS have been developing their skills using the 3D modelling computer program Sketch Up. Following on from this, on Wednesday 2nd December the pupils visited Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School in Ramsgate.

A few years ago CGS had the idea of starting a 3D HUB. This was a community within their school whose aim was to drive up the quality of pupils’ three dimension designing and to push them towards universities, apprenticeships and success in design and engineering after sixth form. This has been consistently achieved, and the 3D HUB has grown, now collaborating with primary and secondary schools, universities, a national marine research facility, Hornby Hobbies and local companies in Thanet.

JS had the fortune of being accepted to take part in CGS’s primary outreach programme. When JS arrived at CGS, Mr Spain, who runs the outreach programme, gave them an informative presentation. JS learnt how 3D printing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. JS were given a demonstration of one of the school's ten 3D printers in action, with students able to get up close to the technology for the first time. During the visit Mr Spain was printing a pupil’s design of a robot. Pupils saw how the production of a 3D printed object is created by the printer laying down successive layers of material until the entire object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object.

Mr Spain also excited JS through talking about how 3 D printers might be used in our daily lives in the future. For example, when our toothbrush is worn out, we might draw one and print it out at home!

Mr Spain set JS the brief of designing a robot with the profession of their choice. A few examples that our students opted for were a chef robot, a detective robot and a homework robot. Students had to brainstorm what kind of features their robots would need to perform their functions and made a rough plan. When they had consolidated their ideas Mr Spain asked the students to start thinking about their designs in more detail. He showed examples of robot designs drawn from the front, sides, top and bottom and JS then had to do the same for their designs.

Mr Spain set JS the future task of drawing their robots using Sketch Up once back at Wellesley and when they have completed them they will be able to send them over to CGS where they will be printed out using the 3 D printer. We look forward to seeing how JS get on with this exciting project next year.