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BLOODHOUND Rocket Car Racing

Form 2 were very lucky to be chosen to take part in a national competition to race rocket cars as part of the BLOODHOUND Project this term. This global Engineering Adventure is using a 1000mph world land speed record attempt to inspire the next generation to enjoy, explore and get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The children designed and made an aerodynamic racing car, made from a kit, to race with a micro bit on board to record their race times.

Once the cars had been shaped and decorated appropriately (with the help of Miss Beaumont) Mrs Sabin-Dawson, Mr Collins and Mr Hislop took the children to The Leigh Academy in Dartford on Friday to race them, with the assistance of their engineering department and a few Army volunteers to handle the explosives!

Ethan Beckett’s car came out 0.4 seconds faster than the others but we shall have to wait for the results from across the country to be logged before we find out if his time was fast enough to go through to the final.

Block two have been learning how to program the BBC micro bits in ICT and this was a good opportunity for them to see these in action.