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Team Tim

Over a hundred hands shot up as presenter Jo Fox asked the children for volunteers at a special theatre show, to mark World Space Week, on Tuesday morning.

Pupils from Christchurch Junior School, Newington Primary and Bromstone Primary school also joined in with us for the fun and challenges set by Jo from the UK Space Agency. We were treated to a ‘live’ link with Tim Peake himself who explained that he needed to pass various tests before becoming an astronaut.

Using a special device, Jo transformed Tim into an eight year old cartoon version. The children helped cartoon Tim to complete a number of tasks like how to keep fit and prevent the weakening of his bones and muscles whilst he was in space. As water is precious in the International Space Station they learnt how water is recycled on the ISS. They also found out how plants can grow in the weightless environment. Lots of volunteers wanted to help launch small satellites called CubeSats. Their final challenge was to fix an ageing electrical circuit on a spacewalk.

The children had a great time and learned all about biology, technology, science and space in a fun and interactive way.