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Shooting: 1st VIII v Fathers

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The first VIII had a match against their fathers, on the 9th May 2017. We started with a delicious lunch during which the captain of shooting, Silvia, made her speech summarising the shooting exploits of the year. We then went across to the shooting range where the mood became a little more serious. The first VIII beat their fathers scoring a very respectable 636 against 534. Silvia and her father won the family competition with 193. Ben and his father came second with 190. Silvia and Jules had the highest children's scores (93). Mr Courage had the highest possible score of 100 (this is a first) and Mr Falcon was impressive too (98). Mr Borovyk managed the best bull's eye. We ended with the bingo competition which is a fun competition in which speed and strong nerves are important.  The Falcon and the Lagarrigue teams won. Overall, the mood was relaxed but the spirit of competition was definitely present which made it friendly and really exciting.