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Wellesley Challenge – First Round

This quiz, loosely based on University Challenge, with its buzzer system for answering, is a set competition with one child from each year group in the Middle and Senior Schools. It is a 30 minute match with questions for all levels.

The first match, Romans v Danes, was closely fought and the lead changed often. There was some good answering all round but particularly from Ethan of Romans, who scored 130 individual points and Pelumi of Danes who scored 120 individual points. The final score was a narrow victory to Romans – 255 – 245.

The second match was less evenly matched. Vikings took an early lead and with some excellent answering from the Fisher brothers the lead was extended as the match went on. Jacob did well for Saxons scoring 120 individual points. Paddy scored 130 and Freddie 110 points for their set. The final score was a huge 455 points to 205.

Romans meet Vikings in the final, which will be on the final Friday of term, while Saxons and Danes battle it out for 3rd and 4th places.


Romans                Ethan, Felix, Isabella & James 

Danes                   Demilade, Antonia, Pelumi & Finn 

Saxons                  Isaac, Tom, Ashton & Jacob 

Vikings                 Theo, Paddy, Freddie & Tabitha